Question and Answer with Ellen Nichols

Question and Answer with Ellen Nichols

Q: Where did you grow up?
A: I grew up in West Roxbury with my seven siblings.

Q: Interests? Hobbies?
A: History, visiting Civil War battlefields, international travel, hiking, biking, ice-skating, swimming

Q: What is your current favorite anthem/riding song or band?
A: I am a classical music lover

Q: Nickname?
A: I’m not telling :)

Q: What or who introduced you to two wheels?
A: I started biking last year for the first time. I have always wanted to bike; but never seemed to have the time, so I decided to wait until I retired.

Q: Why do you ride now?
A: Community and fitness

Q: Most epic ride to date?
A: My most notable rides were the Rhode Island bike trails and the Nashua River bike trail.

Q: Favorite Local Ride or place to ride?
A: I enjoy biking on Sunday mornings with the Parkway Cycling Club out to Dover, Wellesley, or the Blue Hills.

Q: Something that not many people know about you.
A: There’s not much that people don’t know about me.