Question and Answer with Jonathan Murray

Question and Answer with Jonathan Murray

Q: Where did you grow up?
A: I grew up in Westwood, but I generally avoided growing up.

Q: Interests? Hobbies?
A: Music, cycling, alternative energy, Linux , sailing (small and large boats)

Q: What is your current favorite anthem/riding song or band?
A: Earth, Wind and Fire. Disco in general.

Q: Nickname?
A: Nothing ever stuck

Q: What or who introduced you to two wheels?
A: My mom who is also a member of our club. She was probably the only music teacher who rode her bike to work carrying an autoharp in the suburbs.

Q: Why do you ride now?
A: Riding bicycles makes me really happy. To maintain my health. Commuting by bike to Cambridge nets about 16 miles a day in free exercise, saves me money, and keeps me out of long car queues. It also saves time.

Q: Most epic ride to date?
A: I was visiting a friend Lausanne, Switzerland and I rode around Lake Leman in one day, it was 140 miles

Q: Favorite Local Ride or place to ride?
A: Currently, I love the Sunday ride to Marina Bay on a hot day with lots of sun.

Q: Something that not many people know about you.
A: I was a bicycle messenger in Boston in the early 90's