Question and Answer with Steve Bogue

Question and Answer with Steve Bogue

Q: Where did you grow up?
A: Dorchester until sophomore in high school when family moved to Westwood in 60’s when Westwood was the middle of nowhere.

Q: Interests? Hobbies?
A: Bicycling, golf, snow skiing, taking different workout classes at the YMCA, reading & hanging out with my grand kids.

Q: What is your current favorite anthem/riding song or band?
A: When bike riding “alone”, I put on upbeat dance music like Madonna and Michael Jackson & just start pedaling in another world. (no head phones on the road of course- Safety first!)

Q: Nickname?

Q: What or who introduced you to two wheels?
A: Santa in Second grade

Q: Why do you ride now?
A: Why do you ride now? A: Exploring, health, camaraderie & meeting new people. I find the diversity in backgrounds within our club fascinating.

Q: Most epic ride to date?
A: Cross country in 2016

Q: Favorite Local Ride or place to ride?
A: Early am on Sundays heading out to Dover, Marina Bay or anywhere on two wheels. Look forward to this all week.

Q: Something that not many people know about you.
A: Retired from the building materials business. Was involved with all aspects of sales.