Let's keep it safe.

Here at Parkway Cycling Club, SAFETY is a priority. PLEASE take the time to understand and or review the rules of the road. We all share in the responsibility to ride cautiously & courteously. We want everyone to enjoy cycling while having fun & it all starts with SAFETY. It’s always helpful to return to the basics. We hope that this reminder will provide riders both new and seasoned, tools to ride happy and for a long time.

Cycling Essentials

  • Bright colored clothing- especially the jersey for better visibility.
  • Identification, $ and phone. All of these aide in emergency situations and will reconnect you to the group and alternative help when needed.
  • Mirror. -recommended but not mandatory.
  • Riding Gloves. While they are not mandatory, they not only give your hands some comfort as you hold the handle bars but they also keep your hands from slipping and protect your hands if you should fall.
  • Sunglasses or glasses. They offer blockage from the sun as well as protection for your eyes from debris or worse.
  • Lights. Use a white front light and rear red light from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise. We suggest you have a red light on at all times.

Basic Repair Items

  • Spare tubes/tubes in case of a flat
  • Tools to fix the flat
  • Small tool kit for other adjustments
  • Pump

Visual and Verbal skills save lives.

  • We obey the same traffic rules as a motor vehicle.
  • You are required to stop at all red lights and stop signs.
  • Pedestrians get the right of way.
  • No headphones as you need to be aware of the traffic.
  • Remember that your hand signals are for your fellow group riders and cars. *( Please note that our group follows the right turn signal signaled with the right hand). Drivers react poorly to indecisiveness. Be bold and confident with your hand signals. Make eye contact with drivers whenever possible
  • Use hand signals when you are turning but if on an unsafe surface, keep both hands on the bars and verbally state your intent.
  • Point out road hazards as you are riding for the people behind you.
  • Be aware of car blinkers indicating they are turning
  • Take the lane when you are riding at the same speed as traffic.
  • If road is extremely narrow & unsafe for car to pass, we suggest taking the lane and when you get back in single file and cars start to pass, thank them with a quick wave.`
  • Don't stop in a car's blind spot and be aware of surroundings, people in cars may open doors, cars from side streets may not see you.
  • At dusk assert a pack formation to assist a better visual for drivers to avoid.
  • Give yourself enough distance from the bicycle in front of you so you can see the conditions of the road you are about to ride over.
  • When waiting for the group, please pull off to the side of the road
  • PLEASE STOP if you ride off of pavement and lift your bicycle back on. We have had too many close calls where the pavement was higher than the off-road dirt and you start sliding. Sooner or later this will happen to you so heed the warning & stay safe.

Verbal Warnings

  • Riders are grateful for decisive verbal cues. Be confident and be firm with your verbal warnings.
  • Pass other riders ONLY on the left and announce “ON YOUR LEFT”.
  • If you are riding two wide and you need to get back into a single file, point and announce your intention "COMING IN".
  • Vehicles coming up from the rear, you announce "CAR BACK".
  • Vehicles heading towards you in a tight situation, you announce "CAR UP".
  • If stopping suddenly, announce "STOPPING".
  • Alert fellow cyclist if you are close to their rear wheel

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We are all ambassadors for bicyclists. Thank people for letting you go ahead of them. Don't cut in front of any vehicle. Leave room for vehicles to pass. We do NOT get into confrontations with any vehicles. Lastly, Enjoy your ride!

For more information and videos on safety please visit:
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